Guns Don’t Kill People, Obfuscations Kill People

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I’m not gay, but I don’t believe that the LGBTQIAP (or whatever the current alphabet soup is) community should be in any way restricted or treated differently from the “normal” public. Shocking, I know, a Conservative who actually gives a damn about gay rights. Or, as I like to call them, human rights.

(BTW, please feel free to unfollow/unfriend me if this offends your religious beliefs. If you place a book above basic human decency, don’t PM me with a variety of messages explaining how I’m wrong.)

Alright, now that the politisplaining is out of the way…

Yes, it was wrong for the government, especially the far-Right, to mistreat gays in the decades leading up to the liberation of the 70’s-80’s. There’s no excuse.

But due to the secrecy that evolved as a necessary means of defense against judgment, and the unsafe sex practices that were widely perceived as a rebellion against the stuffy mores of society, the HIV virus spread like wildfire. So yeah, karma is a circle and society has learned its lesson. Only took 34 million deaths, but hey, who’s counting?

If there was no persecution, if there was no stifling of behavior, and most importantly, if there was no pattern of denial of the emerging disease (up to and including the first “official” name for it – GRID – Gay-Related Immune Deficiency – perfectly summarizes the wishful thinking of “this is only a gay problem, us ‘normal’ people won’t get it… ha, as if a retrovirus gives a damn about your sexual orientation) – if we were all honest with each other about the GRID/HIV/AIDS epidemic, it may have been contained / minimized / eradicated earlier.

Obfuscation of the AIDS threat has cost 34 million lives to date.

And now, the LGBTQ community faces a different danger. Just as it was wrong for the far-Right to lie to the community and to the general public about the supposed “moral threat” the gays represented to the general society – now it’s JUST AS WRONG for the far-Left to lie to the community about the existential threat they face in the hands of religious fanatics and other reactionaries.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic was contained because people EVENTUALLY stopped pretending the threat didn’t exist, and started actually addressing it.

The violent homophobia of certain religious groups should be handled in the same way – by identifying the root cause, and looking for HONEST, REALISTIC methods of resolving or eliminating them.

Not BS excuses that go through the most extreme verbal acrobatics, blaming everything including global warming and YouTube videos, as long as the dreaded “I-word” isn’t uttered. Avoid the truth at all costs. Even when that cost is measured in blood.

Not blame-shifting, pointing fingers at other groups. Sure, there are some morally challenged folks that might refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple, but when’s the last time a fundamental Christian threw some gay dudes off a building, or burned them alive? There’s “prejudice”, and there’s MURDER.

Not pretending the problem doesn’t exist, or making excuses for it, because that’s not going to make it go away. That methodology was already tried once, and the cost has been 34 million corpses. This time, the death toll is “only” a few thousand, so far, but unless the issue is addressed, and addressed PROPERLY, without politically-correct obfuscation, it will continue growing as well.

“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

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